What we do?

"Making sports events easy"

Organization of sporting events

Organisation of sports events


At CSWS, we are specialists in the organisation of sporting events. Our team has been organizing international sports events  for more than 20 years. If you want to organise a sporting event we have everything you will need.

We design, organise and carry out Sporting  events for companies, public administrations, private facilities and individuals. We take care of all the details making the whole event a realy unique experience for both participanting and those watching .

we offer a whole range of different and customisable product and services that you can choose from depending on what type of event you are organiseing, designing, etc... and whats special features you want it to have.


Conferences and Sporting Clinics

We organise all kinds of conferences and Sporting clinics, specialised training, sessions and study groups. Tell us about your project and we will help you make it a reality.

We know who to contact to make your event one of a kind and we Will talk to relevan organisations, Sports Federation, and any profesionals needed. 

Our recent Events

World Sport Games

To be held on june 2020

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Jeux des Iles Corse 2019

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Jeux des Iles Sicilia 2018

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Jeux des Iles Martinica 2017

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World Sports Social Network

Let's play, Let's get social

Worls Sports social Network (WSSN) is the CSWS sports platform. It is the result of more tan 20 years experience in the world of sport all put into a single platform, offering a whole new tool for Sporting community. WSSN is for athletes, or for people who want to play or do sport; with this social network they can look for and find other people they will be able to compete or train with, assemble teams, find competitions to take part in, etc. It is also a very useful tool for Sports facilities, as it helps them to manage the reservation and booking of tracks and playing fields… and gives them a way to easily communicate with their users. Competition and Championship organisers will also find this tool very useful as it will help them to find people interested in taking part, help them to manage the competition in a whole, offering the possibility of online registrations, publishing results, scores and rankings in real-time…WSSN brings people together and puts them into contact with others of the same interests.

World Sports Social Network

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