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Welcome to WSSN

World Sports Social Network is a great social network for amateur sports. Whatever your sport, with WSSN you can find someone to do it with, a team to join, facilities, competitions and much much  more. Sign up to  start enjoying the WSSN experience.

The stars of the show

Daniel and Mathew

Daniel and Mathew are two young men who have just finished their school and are ready to go to University. and have both moved to a new city where they don’t know anyone. They are both passionate about foorball and have played their whole lives. The first days in the city are exciting but can't find anyone to play with and get a team togheter. Thanks to WSSN they Will be able to find football teams, looking for new players and they Will be able to play in a championship. Here's their story.


Marco and his friends have a football team that they play with all season. This year two of the team´s member have to leave because they have finished university and their jobs force them to travel constantly. For Marco and his team this w¡ill not be a problem because they use the WSSN on a regular basis to keep a track of scores and ranking lists, so they will find Daniel and Mathew who are looking for a team to play with.

Martina, Carla and Maria

Martina, Carla and Maria are three friends who go to the gym every day  to get into shape. They use WSSN to find out wich classes are on and at what time. Thanks to WSSN, they always know if  there are a free place in the class they want or there are any cancellations. They can choose new activities and clases whenever the want. WSSN keeps them up to date on what and when all kind of clases and activities are available.

Sports facility

A new sports centrer has opened in the city. It is always difficult to find people to start using new facilities. With WSSN the sports centre will be able to advertise the events it will organise, manage registrations, publish evento calendars, scores and classifications. Organising work has never been so easy.